Ericsson vann Global Mobile Awards

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Ericsson vann i klassen "Best Product, Initiative or Service in Emerging Markets"

Ericsson for Amazon Connection– a digital inclusion program in the Amazon

“Amazon Connection – a digital inclusion program in the Brazilian Amazon
The Amazon Connection program combines technology and expertise with public-private partnership to enable communications and improved access to health, education and economic growth in a remote part of the world.
In 2009, Vivo and Ericsson embarked on a project that has changed thousands of lives in the Brazilian Amazon, beginning in the community of Belterra. This is one of the largest digital inclusion programs in the region which aims to reach over 30,000 people in about 175 communities along the Tapajós River.”


“This is solid proof that when technology and expertise is combined with public-private partnerships, the results are nothing less than dramatic. A genuinely transformational initiative.”

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